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The special effect of corn gluten

- Apr 21, 2018 -

Corn gluten meal is a by-product of corn grain produced by the pharmaceutical industry for the production of starch or wine industry alcohol extraction. The protein is rich in nutrients, does not contain toxic and harmful substances, and does not require reprocessing. It can be directly used as a protein raw material, and is a value for forage use. High feed ingredients.

In the cattle industry, the use of corn gluten meal as a concentrate feed can enable better digestion and absorption of some proteins that cannot be digested by the rumen in the small intestine. Corn gluten contains linoleic acid, which promotes lipid metabolism in chickens and promotes the polymerization of essential amino acids.

In terms of raising pigs, the protein content of corn gluten meal is directly related to the apparent digestible energy value of pigs, and the energy or protein ratio is appropriate or the essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids are more balanced than the raw materials have higher energy digestibility. The basal diet was supplemented with corn gluten meal with different protein content (CP: 52% from northeastern, 47.4%, 32% from Beijing), and the addition weights were 20%, 25%, and 30% respectively. The digestive energy of pigs was determined and the test results showed that The apparent digestibility of corn gluten powder containing 32% crude protein is higher, which may be due to its relatively appropriate ratio of energy to protein.

In raising chickens, formula feeds based on corn gluten meal can increase egg production by about 15%. It can prevent and treat chicken's cartilage disease and other diseases. It plays a role of health promotion and growth, and is beneficial to improving the egg protein quality.

In addition, the degree of coloration of broilers can be improved, and broilers cannot synthesize lutein themselves, and can only be obtained from feed. At present, in order to obtain an ideal skin color, it is common to add chemical additives such as galsin red and galaxyl yellow in the feed of broilers. Synthetic colorants, such colorants are sold at higher prices, and feed costs are added after they are added, and they remain in livestock and poultry. The content of lutein in corn gluten meal is as high as 90-180mg/kg, which is more than 5 times that of yellow corn. It can be effectively absorbed, and it can make the eggs golden yellow and the chicken skin yellow. The price of corn gluten meal is similar to the price of soybean cake. In view of this, zein powder plus azan acid can be used instead of chemically synthesized colorants to improve the coloration of broilers.