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Efficacy of Purple Potato Powder

- Apr 24, 2018 -

The nutritional content of purple potato is significantly higher than that of ordinary sweet potatoes. Its lysine, copper, manganese, potassium, zinc content is higher than the general sweet potato 3~8 times, long-term consumption with buck, blood, Yiqi, moistening the lungs, the effect of Nourishing Yan; at the same time, it belongs to diet food, can effectively prevent arteriosclerosis, especially anti-cancer quality iodine, The content of selenium is 20 times times higher than that of other sweet potatoes.

and selenium and iron is the human body anti-fatigue, anti-aging, blood essential elements, in particular, selenium is known as the "Cancer King", easy to be absorbed by the human body, can stay in the serum, repair the heart muscle, enhance the body immunity, eliminate free radicals, inhibit the synthesis of DNA in cancer cells and cancer cell division and Growth, prevention of gastric cancer, liver cancer and other cancers. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks: "Black tonifying kidney, kidney is congenital body, the source of life is solid in kidney", modern medicine thinks  "Black food" not only rich nutrition, and many have bushen, anti-aging, health care longevity, disease prevention and cure, UFA beauty and so on unique effect. Purple potato powder After the water is fresh purple, with a strong taste of roasted potato flavor. Rich dietary fiber, bowel bowel, beauty, anti-aging, especially for the long-term face of the computer's eyes have a very good protective effect.