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Effect of Fennel Powder

- Apr 16, 2018 -

  1. Cumin can stimulate gastrointestinal nerve vessels, promote saliva and gastric juice secretion, play a role in enhancing appetite and helping digestion;

 2. Cumin also has the function of promoting intestinal peristalsis, relieving spasm, reducing pain and having antibacterial effect.

 3.Small anise fragrance, sexual temperature, into the kidney, liver, stomach meridian;

 4.Warm kidney and cold, and gastric qi effect; 

 5.Mainly for the treatment of stomach cold abdominal pain, cold hernia ache, poor stomach disease, cumin Sinshanwin tong, good warm in the next two kj, especially in order to relieve the cold pain of the liver, for the treatment of severe hernia need medicine.