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Counterfeit hazard of Corn Protein Powder

- Apr 20, 2018 -

When the genuine corn gluten meal is a wet-processed corn starch or corn syrup, the raw corn leaves the products left after the starch, germ, and corn husk, and its appearance is golden yellow, has the taste of roasted corn, and has a special odor of corn fermentation. There are 60% of protein and 50% of the two specifications, the general routine detection of appearance, moisture, crude protein and other three indicators, and the detection of amino acids and lutein is very low.

The counterfeit molecule is the use of conventional detection defects (loopholes) to create fake corn protein powder, the general composition of the fake protein essence, corn flour, millet flour, pigment and a small amount of real corn protein powder. Their role: using protein dyes (urea formaldehyde polymers) dyed in yellow to pretend crude protein, using small rice flour and corn flour as fillers, and adding a small amount of true corn gluten meal, according to the quality requirements of feed mills, adjust the ratio, It is possible to produce inferior corn protein powders of different specifications and sell them to feed mills at relatively low prices, shoddy and shoddy, resulting in a significant drop in feed quality. The special need to point out is:

This kind of shredded corn gluten meal is used to improve the crude protein content of the material: "Protein, protein powder," is a pale yellow powder, it does not contain protein, is a polymer of urea and formaldehyde, Nitrogen content of about 30%, adding a small amount can significantly increase the crude protein content, it is not only no nutritional value, but also toxic, because it can under acidic conditions (such as gastric acid) can decompose formaldehyde, resulting in chronic poisoning of livestock and poultry Cause a series of unexplained symptoms, so feed mills should seriously pay attention to this issue, the protein containing fine corn protein powder is kept out of the factory gate to ensure feed safety.