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Pumpkin Powder

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Pumpkin powder is made from pumpkin, pumpkin powder English name is Pumpkin pow-der. Pumpkin, also known as rice melon, pumpkin, Cuangua, etc., is a gourd family of annual herbs, containing a variety of amino acids, carotene, D vitamins, vitamin E ascorbic acid, gourd, adenine, fat, glucose, In addition, it contains some organic acids, inorganic salts, lutein, Yebaisu, pectin and enzymes. American Watt (Watt) and other people's analysis shows that when the protein content of pumpkin is 1.1%, the type and amount of amino acids (mg) are: tryptophan 0.02, threonine 0.02, ISO-leucine 0 04, leucine 0.06, lysine 0.04, tyrosine 0.02, valine 0.04, 08-Amino Acid 04 histidine 0.04, methionine 0.01, alanine 0.03 glutamic acid 0.144, and serine 0.32.