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Usage of Pumpkin powder

- May 01, 2018 -

Pumpkin powder is widely used in natural health nutrition (can be used as diabetes for the food and the general consumer health food), functional food, beverages, high-grade pasta and meat food additives, hardening agents, can also be used for advanced cosmetics special additives and pharmaceutical raw materials.

Pumpkin powder is not only golden color, the entrance has fresh pumpkin refreshing feeling, soluble in water, its mesh is adjustable between 100--120, excluding any additives, preservatives and pigments, and does not add from the color and taste similar or similar substances, is the only guarantee 100% pure natural green food-chaoyang Earth pumpkin powder.

Moreover, it has the functions of shujinhuoxue and imitation of skin wrinkle and cancer prevention, which is helpful to the development of human body and the enhancement of immunity in human body.