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Production process of Purple Potato Powder

- Apr 25, 2018 -

The purple potato raw materials cleaning → peeled → sliced silk-color-protection → dry → crushed (moisture) → Packaging

① Cleaning: Must clean, related to the final quality of the product.

② Peel: The skin of purple potato is purified with bamboo knife, especially purple potato epidermis sag part.

③ slices or silk: will peel the purple potatoes with vegetable slicer cut into a certain size of potato chips or potato ding.

④ color: Prepared with salt into 0.5% of the solution, will be chopped purple potato chips or potato butyl bubble in a few minutes.

⑤ Drying: Drying equipment to ensure the hygiene of products, and pay attention to temperature, generally between 45~50℃, drying time can be based on the size of potato chips, silk, so that the final moisture in the 6% below. ⑥ crushing, Packaging: will be dried purple potato, with hammer crusher crushing, so that the fineness of purple potato powder in 80 mesh.