Special inspection of the production enterprise of health food raw material extracts in our province

- Mar 24, 2018 -

  1. March 8-15th, the provincial Bureau of Health Care Products Supervision Department organized the Provincial Food Safety Supervision Center, the provincial Food and Drug Inspection Institute of Professional and technical personnel in XI ' an Sanjiang Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Tianjian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Natural Valley Bio-Technology Co., Ltd., yangling Extract Health Bioengineering Technology Co.,

  2. Xi ' an Tianyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Jiahe Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out special inspection of plant extracts quality management status. This key inspection enterprise's product inspection and stability inspection Implementation, inspection team to the Enterprise laboratory, retention sample room carried out the key inspection. Through the inspection found: Shaanxi Tianjian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. product inspection system and testing equipment is more perfect, stability inspection system is implemented, but there are still the unreasonable layout of the laboratory, heating test equipment and other equipment mixed, the number of samples to keep the problem; Xi ' an Sanjiang Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Quality inspection equipment, Unable to provide the whole product inspection, safety stability inspection system to carry out stability investigation, no stability accelerated test equipment, retention samples can not guarantee stability investigation test, leaving sample is not stored in the sample room and other problems , Hanzhong Natural Valley Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Type 101 electric blast dryer and vertical pressure steam sterilizer without verification and calibration certificate, sample room without environmental testing temperature and humidity meter and record, humidity does not meet the requirements of retention samples, no heavy metal testing equipment, no pathogenic bacteria laboratory, no stability test equipment and conditions, pesticide residue detection has not been carried out Xi ' an Biotechnology Co., Ltd. inspection site did not see the E. coli incubator, product "Stability Inspection management regulations", "product retention sample management rules" to be revised in accordance with national standards; yangling Bio-Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. sample room temperature hygrometer Check expiration date, arsenic, mercury can not be self-test

  3. Shaanxi Jiahe Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. meets the requirements of product quality inspection. According to the inspection results, the inspection team of Xi ' an Sanjiang Biological Technology Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Natural Valley Biotechnology Co., Ltd issued an immediate cut-off of the rectification of opinions, and the transfer of the territory of Food and drug control departments to the rectification of the enterprise supervision and implementation; Shaanxi Tianjian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Xi ' An Tianyi Biological Technology Co., Ltd. issued a rectification advice, requiring enterprises to immediately check out the problem to take effective measures to correct.

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