The growth of plant extracts is unstoppable, NEX helps enterprises to develop medicine and food market

- Feb 08, 2018 -

The sustainable development of the global health industry has rapidly expanded the demand for the export of plant extracts from China, since the 1990s, the export of plant extracts in China has grown in double digits each year, with 2015 of extracts exported as high as 2.163 billion U.S. dollars, up 21, 71%, China's traditional Chinese medicine exports 57.38%, has surpassed the Chinese medicine exports half. Plant extracts become the main factor leading the export of Chinese herbal products, the huge market demand and development potential still drive the plant extracts stride forward.

At the same time, with people's health awareness and the gradual improvement of living standards, health and functional food is more and more popular, based on food and health products industry market demand, some extracts enterprises have joined in the field of food development. In this context, "2018 World Natural Extract Exhibition (NEX 2018)" will be launched in June 2018 20-22nd at the Shanghai New International Expo Center E3-e4 Pavilion. As the Industry brand exhibition "World Pharmaceutical raw Materials China Exhibition (CPhI Chinese)" One of the important plate, is the extractive production enterprises to develop medicine, food, beverages, functional food, dietary supplements and other areas of the market the best choice.

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