The target user and taboo crowd of Goji Berry Powder

- Apr 01, 2018 -

Applicable people

1, male impotence. The aphrodisiac function that the lotus root powder plays makes people be overjoyed. The lotus root starch serves as a tonic to the dual purpose of medicine and food, and there are various edible methods.

2. Insomnia is prevented by men, women, and middle-aged people. Powder can be taken throughout the year and brewed in the summer, but it is better to drink in the afternoon, which can improve the body and help sleep.

3, middle-aged and elderly people are physically strong. Tannin powder is beneficial to digestion by the elderly, and it has a strong improvement effect on the aging diseases of aging organs.

Taboo crowd

1, wolfberry powder brewed into tea should not match with green tea, suitable for bubble with Gongju, honeysuckle, fat sea and rock sugar together, especially for the computer family with excessive eyes.

2. Although wolfberry powder has good nourishing and healing effects, it is not suitable for all people. Because it has a very good effect on warming the body, people with a fever, body inflammation, and diarrhea are better off not eating.

3, exogenous heat, Spleen wet and diarrhea were Jifu.

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