Poria Powder

Poria Powder

Production Method: AD(Hot Air Drying)

Specification: 50-400 mesh according to customer requests

Appearance: White Fine Powder, no lumps, no visible impurities

Delivery Port: Dalian,China

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

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Product Details

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Poria cocos mainly contains polysaccharide, carboxymethy pachyman and triterpene. Poria cocos powder is a new type of immunoregulation nutritive health food. It adopts tuckahoe, a pure natural Chinese medicine.



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1.Poria cocos powder will strengthen the physiological activities and prevent disease;
2.Poria cocos powder can promote the functional recovery of the human immunity ststem; 
3.Poria cocos powder is used to induce or promote induction of the interferon and leukocytic opsonin;
4.Poria cocos powder has indirect antiviral and anti-neoplastic effection and lessens the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy; 
5.Poria cocos powder can protect livers, lower the enzyme(CPT), prolong the life, calm the nerves, strengthen the stomach.


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1.Applied in pharmaceutical field,poria cocos powder is a kind of common medicine to treat tumor;
2.Applied in cosmetic field,poria cocos powder used as raw material to added into cosmetic, which can delay skin aging;
3.Applied in health product field,poria cocos powder used as raw material, such as poria cocos polysaccharide capsule, tablet, electuary and so on.  


Volume of Suggestion Addition

Solid Beverage(5%),Drinking(5%),Snack Food(3-5%),Medicine and Health Products(5-20%).


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Package:1kg/Bag & 20kg/Carton(10kg/Bag*2 Bags),Carton Size 47cm*36cm*33cm 

Storage: Kept away from strong light and heat.         

Shelf Life: 24 months



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1.International Express ----G.W.< 100KG

2.Air Shipping----100KG< G.W.<1000KG

3.Sea Shipping----G.W. > 1000KG


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Q1: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A:We are top 10 manufacturer of plant extract in China with ISO22000,Kosher,Halal,HACCP certified over 10 years.


Q2:How can we guarantee you receive a good quality product?

A: Our own factory comply to GMP stanard and run with strict quality control,every batch of the product must be tested and ensure the quality before shipment.


Q3: Can I get some sample at first the quality?

A: Of course you can, a 20g-30g free sample is availalble for you to test.


Q4:What is your return service policy?

A: We offer a 45days guarantee on receipt of goods without any damage to packing. We will retund your money if our products don’t conform to your approved quality.

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