10 Uses for Pomegranate Powder

- Mar 30, 2018 -

1. Superfood smoothies. This is a no-brainer… add a spoonful of pomegranate powder to your smoothies before blending. It ups the nutrient content and adds beautiful flavor. My favorite fruit pairings with pomegranate powder include blueberries, bananas or mangoes.

2. Spiked salad dressing. I’ve found pomegranate powder plays beautifully with balsamic or dijon vinaigrettes. When making your vinaigrette, whisk a spoonful (to taste) of pomegranate powder into the vinegar or mustard base until it dissolves. Then whisk in the oil, as usual.

3. Powder sugar substitute. Use a sifter or mesh strainer to dust pomegranate powder over cakes, pancakes or waffles for a beautiful and comment-provoking presentation. It’s a refined-sugar alternative to dusting powdered sugar.

4. Natural food coloring. Pomegranate powder lends a beautiful pink shade without the artificial coloring agents found in conventional food coloring. I’ve added pomegranate powder to frosting to create a gorgeous pink result. You could also try experimenting and add pomegranate powder to cake batter (I haven’t tried this yet, so I don’t know if the color changes when it is baked, but it sounds promising).

5. Ice Cream. Whisk pomegranate powder, to taste, into the base of ice cream before processing in an ice cream maker. Alternatively, add it to the blender if you are making frozen fruit based ice cream, such as my Banana Chai Ice Cream or Mango Soft Serve.

6. Hot Tea. Stir pomegranate powder, to taste, into hot tea until dissolved. Add milk and sweetener if desired, but the pomegranate powder lends a lovely sweetness. I love it paired with black tea, green tea, ginger, and rooibos.

7. Pomegranate Buttermints. Create a spin on my Sugar-Craving-Busting Buttermints, which is one of the most popular recipes on Empowered Sustenance. Instead of the peppermint extract, add a spoonful (to taste) of pomegranate powder to the base before piping the buttermints. They will turn a beautiful pink shade.

8. Pomegranate honey. Stir pomegranate powder into raw honey for an instant fruit-infused honey.

9. Flavor porridge and oatmeal. Add to your hot bowl of breakfast porridge or oatmeal. No oats for you? Try my coconut-based Paleo “Oatmeal.”

10. Curries, stews, and crockpot meals. To add nutrients and a sweet-tart flavor, finish curries or stews with a hit of pomegranate powder before serving.

Have you tried pomegranate powder before? Any other serving suggestions? 

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