Characteristics and development trend of vegetable powder

- Sep 01, 2017 -


The advantages of fresh vegetable processing into vegetable powder are: Low moisture content, can prolong storage time, reduce storage, transportation, packaging and other expenses, vegetable powder processing raw material utilization rate is high, especially the size of raw materials, the shape of the lack of strict requirements, broaden the scope of application of vegetables. The research shows that vegetable powder can be used in almost every field of food processing, which can improve the nutritional composition of food and improve its color and flavor, and can replace the use of artificial pigments in today's society, which will guarantee the health of our consumers.

Development trend

At present, the processing of vegetable powder in foreign countries is developing in the direction of ultra low temperature grinding. After drying the fruit and vegetable, after superfine crushing, the granule can reach the micron size. The market advantage of the new type of vegetable powder is: The superfine refinement of the granule is more convenient when using, the nutrition ingredient is easier to digest, the taste is better, can realize the whole effect utilization of fruit and vegetable, without the production of the dregs, in line with today's food processing industry "high efficiency, high quality,

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