Eucommia Ulmoides should take the road of high quality development

- Jan 27, 2018 -

The traditional three major industrial concepts into the industrial cycle of Eucommia Ulmoides, will give the Eucommia Ulmoides industrial development to bring how tomorrow? December 23, the Chinese Federation of Forestry Industry in Henan Rruzhou held the National Association of three production of Eucommia Ulmoides experts Symposium. Experts together to explore the Eucommia ulmoides plant, deep-processing industry, Eucommia ulmoides Products Market services in depth integration into the entire industrial chain of industrialization, industrialization, marketization, specialization process, extending the Eucommia industrial value chain and benefit chain.

Experts believe that the Eucommia ulmoides industrial integration of traditional industries and modern emerging industries, related to China's ecological security, food safety, feed safety, rubber safety, is one of the contents of modern economic system. In recent years, Eucommia ulmoides from the traditional resources to gradually grow into a new industry, and in the cultivation, processing technology to make continuous breakthroughs. December 23, the relevant departments approved the leaves of eucommia ulmoides leaf in principle into the list of food substances. Eucommia ulmoides industry has entered a healthy and smooth development track.

Experts stressed that the new era of Eucommia Ulmoides industrial development ushered in a fresh opportunity to take the road of high-quality development, focus on the integration of three production development. Standardization is the precondition of industrialization, marketization and modernization, and strengthening the standardization construction of Eucommia Ulmoides is an important foundation of high quality Development of Eucommia Ulmoides, and an important support for the transformation and upgrading of Eucommia ulmoides and leading innovation and development. At present, the Eucommia Ulmoides industrial development is still in the initial stage, to continue to strengthen the research and development of eucommia ulmoides gum purification, eucommia ulmoides product development, industrialization as the main direction, and with modern information technology, modern financial integration development, but also to strengthen the knowledge of eucommia ulmoides popularization of publicity.

It is understood that the Chinese Federation of Forestry Industry will focus on the establishment of Eucommia ulmoides resources, breeding, production and processing of technical norms and product quality standards system, and actively promote the production of Eucommia Ulmoides industrial standardization.

At the meeting, awarded the first Forestry Industry Innovation Award (Eucommia), and for Henan Heng Rui Source Industrial Co., Ltd. awarded China's forestry industry integrity corporate brand banner.

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