The source of black rice

- Apr 05, 2018 -

Good quality rice. Black rice has a long history of cultivation and is an ancient and valuable rice variety in China. According to legend, when Han Wudi was more than 2,000 years ago, he was first discovered by Zhang Qian.

After each autumn, when the black rice comes on stage, the family cooks porridge early. The rice soup was black and black, and there was a hint of medicinal smell in his mouth, especially refreshing. Over time, people have rich experience in eating black rice. When porridge is cooked, it is filled with gastrodia elata, white fungus, lily, rock sugar and the like, which is more like nectar, and it is used as a hospitality meal. Dizziness, dizziness, and anemia patients often eat, symptoms significantly decreased. It is especially suitable for elderly people who have low back pain and soft limbs and have weak limbs. Therefore, black rice is also called "medicine rice".

Later, Zhang Hao entered the Western Han Dynasty court. He used black rice to pay tribute to Han Wudi. Although Wu Di has inexhaustible flavors, he loves rare black rice. Every morning and evening is a must, and it is given to the courtiers to enjoy it. He is honored as a precious "black pearl," and the courtier suggested that Emperor Wu should classify the black rice as a gommi. Emperor Wu is right in his mind and immediately issued a royal order to send Hanzhong County from the private collection of Qianshi to Kyoto Chang'an each year.

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