Production Method Of Wolfberry Powder

- Apr 01, 2018 -

For the production of wolfberry powder, fresh or dried rice dumplings are used as raw materials. Follow these steps:

(1) Put the fresh or dry  Goji Berry powder in the baking box, set the baking temperature at 50-60°C, stir evenly during baking to make it heated evenly, and swell with wolfberry so that the skin becomes light yellow and the odor is degree;

(2) Take out the baking box and spread it to cool to normal temperature, and add malt dextrin into the glutinous rice according to the ratio of I : 0 to 5-1. After the mixture is mixed, dry crushed and then sieved through a 10-60 mesh sieve to obtain the glutinous coarse powder. ;

(3) The bake coarse powder is placed in the baking box for secondary baking, and the baking temperature is still set at 50-60° C. From time to time, even stirring is performed, which promotes the malt dextrin and the bismuth powder to coagulate into a gel-like powder under a heated state. Grain, with white malt dextrin light yellow;

(4) Take out the baking box and spread it to cool to normal temperature. Use dry method to crush and pass the 60-100 mesh sieve to get the powder. After routine sterilization, send it to the vacuum automatic packaging machine for packaging.

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