Tea Tree Mushroom Polysaccharide

- Feb 09, 2018 -

"Product name" Tea Tree mushroom polysaccharide

"Alias name" poplar mushroom, tea mushroom, cylindrical ring rust umbrella, aegerita mushroom

"English name" Agrocybe cylindracea polysaccharide

"Extraction Source" the sub-entity of the mushroom, a genus of the mushrooms in the feces Rust umbrella division

"Appearance" brownish yellow powder

"Particle size" 100% through 80 mesh sieve

"Application dosage form" Tablet capsules powder

"Detection Method" UV

"Product Specification" polysaccharide 10%-50%

"Product Effectiveness"

1, treatment of lumbago, dizziness headache, abdominal pain;

2, anti-aging, lower cholesterol;

3, anti-cancer and anti-cancer;

4, the treatment of coronary heart disease;

5, diuretic spleen.

"Product Application" health products, beverages, food and so on.

"Storage" in a cool, dry, closed light

"Shelf life" two years

"Packing" endometrial barrel

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