Hawthorn Leaves

- Mar 24, 2018 -

【Indications】 Leaf and flower tea service can cure high blood pressure.

【Pharmacological effects】

1. Effects on heart and cerebrovascular system Hawthorn leaf polyphenol flavonoids are administered at one time or multiple times, and all of them can be used against rabbits induced by pituitrin.

Ischemia reduces its myocardial infarct size. Hawthorn leaf extract (0.1g/ml) 0.4-8ml/kg intravenously, can significantly reduce or restore pituitrin caused by ST-segment elevation and T-wave increase in guinea pig electrocardiogram, accelerate the vasopressin-induced Heart rate reduction

SLOW. Vitexin rhamnose 20ml/kg can significantly reduce myocardial oxygen consumption in the eutopic heart of the dog and has a synergistic effect with Hypericum perforatum. Extract of Hawthorn Leaf Water to Gavage Rats Can Decrease the Serum Phosphocreatine Kinase (CPK) Water in Coronary Artery Rats

Peace and myocardial infarction area. 20% hawthorn extract was injected into the jugular vein for 5-7 minutes, and cerebral vascular resistance was decreased by 1.064-10.91 kp/a (8-82 mmHg).

2. Effects on the coagulation system Hawthorn leaves inhibit collagen or ADP-induced rabbit platelet aggregation very significantly, both in vitro and in vivo. In addition, after 30 minutes of intravenous injection of hawthorn preparations, the whole blood viscosity decreased significantly.

3. Hypolipidemic effect Hawthorn leaves have a very significant effect on the rapid formation of mouse cholesterol cholesterol in egg yolk emulsions.

4. Tolerance to hypoxia Hawthorn leaves, like propranolol, can significantly prolong the survival time of hypoxic or normoxic hypoxic mice, which is consistent with a significant reduction in the overall oxygen consumption of mice.

5. Diuresis Hawthorn leaf extract has obvious diuretic effect. After 60 minutes of rabbit administration, the urine output was increased by 44.2% compared with before administration, increased by 53.9% at 90 minutes, and increased by 63.7% at 120 minutes, indicating that the diuretic effect was mild, slow and long-lasting. And hawthorn leaves have less effect on electrolytes when diuretic.

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