Black Rice Extract

- Apr 05, 2018 -

Black Rice Extract is a kind of medicine, food combination of rice, as part of the glutinous rice. Black rice is by rice gramineous plants through a long to form a kind of specialty varieties. Bead model which has two kinds of indicia and japonica, glutinous and glutinous mass points. Brown rice in black or dark brown. Jet black rice appearance, nutrition is rich, has a "black pearl" and "the king of the world and rice" reputation.


Black rice extract is a crude mixture of compounds extracted from black rice which have the medicinal properties and the history of traditional use. In other words, It is a concentrated mixture made by extracting (or ''pulling'') black rice’s chemical constituents out of the inert plant fiber (cellulose) with a solution of grain alcohol and water. Good black rice extract should optimally preserve the aroma, taste and biological activity of black rice from which it is made.

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