Medicinal Effect Of Black Rice Extract

- Apr 06, 2018 -

Taste characteristics: nature, sweet.

【Analysis】: Spleen and Stomach.

【Efficacy】: Black rice has appetizers, Chinese medicine, spleen, blood circulation, Ming effect. Anti-aging; supplements the human body needs protein, manganese, zinc and other mineral resources.

【Healthy taboos】: Appropriate black rice suitable for postpartum blood deficiency, physical illness after the disease; or anemia; or kidney deficiency; Avoid spleen and stomach weak children or the elderly are unfit for human consumption.

[Appropriate compatibility]: Black rice is compatible with rice, and has the effect of appetizing Yizhong and slowing the spleen. It is used for those who need hair early morning and postpartum physical deficiency.

[Illustration]: Black rice has tough seed coats on the outside and it is not easy to cook. If it does not boil, its nutrients are not dissolved. If you eat more food, it can cause acute gastroenteritis. Therefore, you should soak overnight and cook.

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