Chinese Herbal Medicine Hot Topics Which Chinese Herbal Medicine Prices Will Soar?

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Recently, Xinhua Wang expressed grave concern over the abuse of antibiotics in China caused by the spread of superbugs and environmental pollution.

Traditional Chinese medicine antibiotic antibacterial principle is different from the traditional antibiotics, traditional antibiotics directly on the pathogenic bacteria or viruses, people use for a long time, so that the pathogenic bacteria or viruses produce resistance, and Chinese herbal antibiotics more from the adjustment of body immunity Function to interfere with bacterial or viral metabolism, through the regulation of autoimmunity to kill pathogenic bacteria or viruses.

Chinese herbal medicines world network daily monitoring of information center, honeysuckle, forsythia, Rehmanniae, Dan, Pulsatilla, Dandelion, Codonopsis, Radix, Gardenia, Andrographis commonly used in animal husbandry antibacterial sterilization of Chinese herbal medicines. Future prospects for the wide variety of these varieties, we as a circulation side to analyze the next market price, whether by virtue of the general trend of Chinese medicine antibiotics prices rise.


Shandong Pingyi Honeysuckle harvest 2-3 stubble, the origin of this year is not high yield, low inventory, coupled with flu affected by the price increase of about 5 yuan, is the special grade flowers (flowering rate of 3%, free of impurities, moisture enough to dry, color Yellow and white) 150-160 yuan, a flower (impurity slender leaf flowering rate of not more than 5%) 142-145 yuan, two cargo (flow rate, impurity not exceeding 10%) price of 130-135 yuan, three Flowering rate of 20% impurities 15% of the goods price of 118-120 yuan, the demand for beverage plants and other foreign goods priced at 95-98 yuan, the market move faster.

Comments: Honeysuckle planted area of these years is not small, 2017, the main producing areas do appear to cut prices go up. This is mainly the cost of honeysuckle picking support, the market is difficult to sharp decline. But the price you want to have too much breakthrough, is not realistic. Basically, the price will be one year the price of the second year of picking enthusiasm to restore the price decline or the first year of low prices the second year picking enthusiasm of low prices will rebound.


Influenced by the recent outbreak of influenza, coupled with the decline in the previous market, Shanxi Fencing foxiang trend improved, some pharmaceutical companies, market businesses to purchase. At present, the origin of boiled Qiao Alice goods in the 32-33 yuan price, origin inventory sufficient.

Comments: Forsythia is a controversial species every year, due to its prolific area, widespread, Manshanbianye, which for species prediction and inspection accuracy has brought great difficulties. However, the undisputed fact is that forsythia planting is also in full swing in these years. If the prices are high, the amount of particles will be scary. Forsythia resources is not lacking, mainly by artificial picking costs, the general price of the output will not be large, the price of low-yield small. There is the variety of late spring is the key to cold, 20120 if there is no late spring, prices may decline.


Recently, Xianfen County, Linfen City, Shanxi real estate new end, although the producing areas of snow, but most of the origin of fresh produce concentrated in the hands of households, the impact on the market is not big, now 150 pieces of 9-10 yuan, 10- 11 yuan, the goods move smoothly.

Comments: habitat due to 2015 in Shanxi Province, Henan Province, large area, coupled with the bumper harvest, low prices, more cargo Yahuo, Handan and Angolan stock market in Hebei about 3,000 tons, Sichuan and Bozhou about 4,000 tons, Henan Meng County, Wuhu, Wen County, about 5,000 tons, Shanxi Xun Xun Dong and the surrounding counties about 3,000 tons of new goods in 2017 has not been listed, after the processing period more abundant supply of sources. This year, ample supply of raw materials, production and demand supply and demand normal, the new stock coming soon. Due to the habitat growth cycle of one year, shorter cycle, fewer businesses concerned, no promotion of large space conditions, the future market price also depends on the farmers to adjust their production area, not blind expansion of expansion, is the first condition.

Tree peony

Bozhou real estate moutan, today Jiuyibuli market trend slowed down, the market fell slightly, the price of peony bark is now a small Commodity price of about 10, the price of 13-14 yuan in a large system; scraping Dan skin little change, Because of the quality is not equal between 18-22 yuan.

Comments: At present, the inventory of production and market inventory is still not small, but the core pumping rate is low, the quality of the inventory of Chen goods accounted for a larger proportion. By the year before the introduction of the new Pharmacopoeia standards and the GMP certification, pharmaceutical companies on the strict quality requirements. Some pharmaceutical factories due to moldy raw material quality, paeonol content is not up to be recalled GMP certificate, the majority of pharmaceutical companies dare not stock, some poor quality medicine can not be stored, and even some pharmaceutical companies reached zero inventory. Corydalis future inventory by the filling, the scale of production is still a larger impact, the quality of the goods market will be inferior to the quality of the goods there are two levels of differentiation. For paeonol content higher paeonol, or there will be a shortage of supply, the market continued to improve the trend. In addition, influenced by the long growth cycle, the market cycle of Dan Pip is also very long, and it is hard to show a real gap every time. In the long term, market outlook will remain stable but the exclusion of capitalists from the external forces of speculation has led to the emergence of the future market of moutan bark Apparently up.


Dingxian County, Gansu County Codonopsis more sources, more businesses looking for goods, goods move faster, the market price remained stable operation, the system loading 45 yuan.

Comments: Codonopsis and Angelica, Radix Astragalus and also known as the troika of Gansu varieties, Codonopsis because of the shallow roots, Gansu ten years nine dry production is unstable, the price volatility is more intense, as Gansu medicine farmers, pharmacists get rich varieties. In recent years to see the origin of white bars in the low 20 yuan, 85 yuan high, a full difference of more than 4 times. However, the current situation of oversupply can hardly be alleviated in the short term. Unless a substantial reduction in output is to continue in 2018, otherwise it is unrealistic to expect too much price break-through.

Low-cost, such as Banlangen to see how this year's planted area, gardenia below the cost of the market is difficult to continue dropping, dandelion family is not small, but the content is still in short supply, Pulsatilla too much, little demand, andrographolide Production is not large, but inventory needs to be consumed. Overall, these varieties are difficult to break the price in the short term.

However, the long-term optimism of plant antibiotics, the advent of new drugs, not only our country there will be strong demand around the world, we have reason to believe that the long-term continued optimistic.

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