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Nutrient Content Of Corn Protein Powder

- Apr 20, 2018 -

The different nutritional composition of corn gluten meal produced by different uses and different production processes directly affects the effective utilization rate and the economic benefits of feed formulation. Corn protein powder produced by the pharmaceutical industry contains up to 60% protein. Its protein content is 21% and 3.7% higher than that of soybean cake and fishmeal, respectively. It is a feed material with high protein, and crude fiber content is lower than 3.9% of soybean cake. The content of fat in medical corn protein powder is higher than that of soybean cake and corn seed, and formulated into feed. After the diet, high fat content helps to reduce amino acid oxidation and produce more body proteins, but also inhibits the conversion of glucose and other precursor substances into fats. Under high temperature conditions, it is also conducive to energy ingestion, and reduces livestock and poultry consumption. Body heat consumption, slow heat stress.

Tetac corn protein meal is a by-product of the wine industry. It has a low protein content and a high crude fiber content. Its nutritional value is not as high as that of medical corn protein powder. However, due to the presence of unknown growth factors, it can significantly increase animal production performance when added to the diet.