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Feed Application Of Corn Protein Powder

- Apr 21, 2018 -

High protein content of corn gluten meal, rich in amino acids, can be used as a substitute for soybean meal, fish meal and other protein feeds in the feed market where soybean cakes and fishmeal are in short supply. Maize protein powder is rich in nutrients, does not contain toxic and harmful substances, does not require reprocessing, and can be directly used as a protein material, and is a feed material with a higher feed value.

Cattle feed

The use of corn gluten meal as a concentrate feed can enable better digestion and absorption of some proteins that cannot be digested by the rumen in the small intestine. Corn gluten contains linoleic acid, which promotes lipid metabolism in chickens and promotes the polymerization of essential amino acids.

Food for pig

The protein content of corn gluten meal is directly related to the apparent digestive energy value of pigs, and the energy or protein ratio is appropriate or the raw materials with essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids are more balanced, and the energy digestibility is higher. Adding protein to the basic feed of pigs Different levels of corn gluten meal (CP: 52% in northeastern, 47.4%, 32% in Beijing), with added weights of 20%, 25%, and 30%, respectively, were measured for digestive energy of pigs. The test results showed that the content was 32% coarse. The apparent digestive energy of protein zein powder is higher, which may be due to its appropriate ratio of energy to protein.

Chicken feed

Egg-based egg-based chickens can increase the egg production rate by about 15%. It can prevent and treat chicken's cartilage disease and other diseases. It plays a role of health promotion and growth, and is beneficial to improving the egg protein quality.