Herbal Extracts

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Chinese herbal medicine is a unique medicine used by TCM, but also is an important symbol of different medicine. The Chinese people's exploration of Chinese herbal medicine has undergone thousands of years of history. According to legend, Shennong tasted of paraquat, the first medicine, Shennong was revered as "Medicine Emperor." Chinese herbal medicine is mainly composed of plant medicine (root, stem, leaf, fruit), animal medicine (viscera, skin, bone, organ, etc.) and mineral medicine. Because of the majority of herbal medicine, herbal medicine is also known as Chinese herbal medicines. At present, the use of traditional Chinese medicine has reached about 5000 species, the various medicinal herbs to match the formation of the prescriptions, but also countless. After thousands of years of research, the formation of an independent science-materia medica.

"Chinese Herbal Extracts" definition: is a plant animal and other herbal materials as raw material, under the guidance of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, according to the needs of the use of the final products extracted, through physical and chemical extraction and separation process, directional access and concentration of plant animals, such as a variety of Chinese medicinal materials, a A compound product that does not change its active constituent structure.

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