Vegetable Oil Contains A Lot Of Trans Fatty Acids

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Hydrogenated vegetable oil contains a large number of trans-fatty acids, commonly known as creamer, milk marlin or margarine, is the common vegetable oil under a certain temperature and pressure hydrogenation catalysis products. Because it can not only extend the shelf life, but also make cakes more crisp, at the same time, due to high melting point, at room temperature can maintain solid shape, so widely used in food processing. The hydrogenation process makes vegetable oils more saturated, or turns the CIS fatty acids into trans-fatty acids. The oil exists in the large part of the pastry and the biscuits. And when we go to the Korean barbecue, it's the grease that's in the side of the cream or the cream pie. Pearl milk tea is milk incense is the use of hydrogenated vegetable oils and sweeteners, spices, cassava powder and other materials modulation, harmful to the body, unfit to eat more.

The structure of hydrogenated vegetable oil is chemically a trans-bond, which is hundreds of times times more poisonous than real butter. Recent studies have shown that trans fatty acids are more harmful to humans than saturated fats. The risk of cardio-cerebrovascular disease increases 25% per 2% of the trans-fatty acids in the diet. Experiments have also found that trans fatty acids can cause Alzheimer's disease. Time magazine once announced that hydrogenated vegetable oil in nature is not exist, that is, in natural circumstances, the human body can not absorb the digestion of this grease. After eating will damage the liver, and then damage the human cell membrane, resulting in cell defects, affecting the future of cell duplication and regeneration, a large number of long-term use, can cause the body premature aging symptoms.

There is no clear standard for the use of hydrogenated vegetable oils in China. If the ingredients on the list of "hydrogenated vegetable oil" "Plant butter" "shortening" and other words, means that food contains trans fatty acids. In addition, the main ingredient of coffee companion "plant Fat End" is also "hydrogenated vegetable oil", pearl milk tea in the main source of Frankincense is also "hydrogenated vegetable oil."

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