New Product:Concentrated Broken Ganoderma Lucidum Powder

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: gls002

  • Assay Method: HPLC-MS, HPLC

  • Application: Food, Health Care Products

  • Extract Source: Ganoderma Lucidum

  • Ash: 9%Max

  • Applicable People: Low Immunity

  • Storage Method: a Cool and Dry

  • Trademark: OEM

  • Specification: 100G/bottles 10bottles/box

  • HS Code: 2106909090

  • Certification: RoHS, SGS, BRC, ISO, FDA

  • Application Form: Powder

  • State: Powder

  • Loss on Drying: 5% Max.

  • Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction

  • Style: Powder

  • Expiration Date: 24months

  • Transport Package: by Customer

  • Origin: Shandong

Product Description

Applicable people: upon maturity of lingzhi only
1, improve the body's immune function, two-way adjustment, suitable for all people.
Patients with tumor in 2, chemotherapy, surgery patients after enhanced physique, improve symptoms
3, sickly, healing at the beginning of a serious illness.
4, contemplation, alongwith, night sleep not beautiful, often insomnia, physical and memory loss.
5, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic hepatitis, geriatrics patients with chronic diseases such as auxiliary control.
6, in the elderly to prevent various disease, anti-aging.
7, the young and middle-aged lady, beauty to raise colour, reduced fat, reduce weight, etc.

Ganoderma lucidum spore: why do you want to break the wall
With double rigid wall ganoderma lucidum spores are very small, shell, only open the layer of the outer wall, its effective ingredients can be absorbed by the body to use.
Scientific experiments confirmed that take not to break the wall
Spores, only 10% ~ 20% of the active ingredients can be absorbed by human body, and the wall after effective ingredient absorption rate above 90%.
Because of ganoderma lucidum spores, spore wall unique structure, it is necessary to adopt
Using the technology of advanced and appropriate treatment, ganoderma lucidum spores are not easy to break the wall, the wall of the active material within ganoderma lucidum spores are vulnerable to damage such as high temperature, acid and alkali.
The current spirit
Cheese spore wall existence or breaking wall rate is not high, or easy to break the problem such as ganoderma lucidum spore, the active ingredient, and the technology of low-temperature activation spores in appropriate conditions in the first place
Activity, and then the wall, under the condition of low temperature on the spore wall broken rate can reach more than 98%, significantly improve the body's absorption rate, and can maintain the effective ingredients are destroyed.

Take method:
1, the dose of upon maturity of lingzhi only type
Use method: warm boiled water a blunt or dried directly on an empty stomach to eat, and antibiotic use western medicine the best interval of half an hour.
Health crowd: 3-4 g,
Twice a day, morning and evening each once, volume (or one to two spoons), clothing or excess are harmless, no side effects.
Slightly sick: 6-9 grams
Heavy sick: 9-12 g

This product has been through the relevant certification testing, safe to eat

Product name:

Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) Powder




Health products/Pharmaceutical

Physical&Chemical index:

Loss on Drying<9%, Ash<9%, Sieve Analysis: 200 mesh           

As<1.0ppm,   Pb<2.0ppm,   Hg<0.1ppm,  Cd<0.1ppm


Origin from 100% pure reishi,  brown-yellow fine powder


1kg/bag,5kg/bag,10kg/bag,25kg/drum(or according to the customers



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