Herbal Oil

  • Apricot Kernels Oil

    Apricot Kernels Oil

    Certification: EOS & NOP Organic

    Appearance:Clean,Pale yellow grease.

    Taste & Odor: Pale yellow

    Payment Terms:L/C, T/T,...

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  • Rose Hip Oil

    Rose Hip Oil

    Certification: EOS & NOP Organic

    Appearance:Clean,dark yellow or light brown oil.

    Taste & Odor: Dark yellow or light brown.Payment...

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  • Seabuckthron Fruit Oil

    Seabuckthron Fruit Oil

    Certification: EOS & NOP Organic

    Appearance:Transparent liquid with brown red.

    Taste & Odor:...

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  • Goji Seed Oil

    Goji Seed Oil

    Appearance:Transparent liquid with yellow to golden yellow.

    Color: Yellow to golden yellow

    Taste & Odor:...

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  • Seabuckthron Seed Oil

    Seabuckthron Seed Oil

    Appearance: Transparent liquid with yellow brown.

    Color: Pale yellow

    Taste& Odor: Characteristic flavor of sea buckthorn seed oil


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